UBF 隱藏教條 (Hidden Dogma of UBF)

據新興教派研究中心羅鍚為牧師稱:大學生研經宣教會(UBF) 只是虛有其表,圖有外在的美好信條,但實際操作上卻是異端、操控的濫權教會 (Abusive Church),因此,整間教會只是在說謊 (Deceit)。換句話說,UBF 只是掛羊頭賣狗肉 (tsell horse meat as beefsteak)。 

那麼,UBF 的隱藏信條/原則 (hidden dogma/rules)是什麼呢? 

1. 絕對順從牧者 (Absolute obedience toward Shepherds) 
UBF 牧者起初是以很大的愛心、關注服侍羔羊的,而羔羊也是被牧者的愛心、熱情所吸引,而繼續留在UBF 查經,特別對於離家住宿舍而感孤獨的大學生,及成長於單親家庭的人,有時也很享受在牧者家中吃晚餐、與弟兄姊妹相交的關係,加上能夠跟從一位聖經知識和信仰、人生經驗都比自己豐富的大學師兄師姐、又比自己更獻身服侍神的牧者查經,令自己的信仰水平不斷提升,而屬靈上加速成長。 

但通常羔羊與牧者查經5-7年後,便漸漸跟牧者建立了一種操控和受操控的不正常關係,形成宗教成癮及機械式地重覆所有宗教活動。操控者利用這種關係,令羔羊感受到 UBF 的首先基本信條/原則:近附要絕對地順從牧者 (這是一條UBF 的隱藏信條 hidden rule) 。 

2. 為叫羔羊順從牧者,而扭曲聖經的教訓 
(Distort teaching of Bible to foster an environment in which sheep must obey their shepherds)

據新興教派研究中心李錦彬牧師稱: 異端的教導中,可能有七至八成都是一般聖經的教導,卻有兩至三成的教導,都是有問題的,而這些有問題的教導,往往就是在這些較含糊的位置上稍為偏差一點,令人不為意/不察覺到它的問題所在。 
UBF 牧者會在教導聖經時,將很多延伸意思加在一些詞匯中,而這些延伸意思往往是偏離或凌駕於聖經原本的教導,而非聖經原本的教導。例如: 在操控制度下,”罪”的意思往往被引伸成為: “所有令牧者不喜悅的” 就是罪,就會衍生出罪疚感。 UBF 牧者這樣教導,目的是要令羔羊感到以下幾點: 

1. 若不順從宣教士/牧者的方向,就是不順從、不同心、隨從私慾、不體貼神的意思、按自己的意思行; 
2. 不按宣教士/牧者的方式服侍就是不獻身、不以使命為中心、以家庭為中心等; 
3. 不順從宣教士/牧者的旨意或意思就是不順從、未破碎、屬肉體、屬血氣、有人本主意思想、冇神的思想… 
4. 挑戰牧者的行為是不道德的、是無憐憫的、是罪、是狂莽自大、悖逆、剛硬、驕傲; 
5. 不同意牧者的教導是因為有屬人思想、人世間思想、不隨從聖靈; 
6. 批評、質疑牧者是挑戰神的主權、與神為仇、驕傲、是撒但、惡人 


3. 要得牧者同意,才可以作決定或行動 
(Must get approval of Shepherds before making decisions or actions) 

當你有一些打算、計劃、決定,例如: 想買樓、買車、想做某類工作、想到外地升學、想為小孩揀學校、想搬別的帳棚、想搵工人、想讀書進修、想出差後去幾日旅行、想生孩子、想養寵物…都需要得到牧者的同意(hidden rule),未得到牧者同意,即仍需為這事繼續禱告,等候神的時候。宣教士/牧者會引導羔羊相信: 要得到牧者的確認,這才是合附神的旨意,若牧者反對、不同意,則表示羔羊只隨自己意思和私慾而行,所作的是不合附神心意的。有時,牧者會引用聖經中,不順從領袖而受神咒咀的例子,例如:約拿去他施而不去尼尼微的例子,或可拉背叛摩西的例子,藉此令羔羊恐懼會發生意外,而不敢做。 

4. 以各式各樣的術語來代替聖經教導  
(Use a variety of terms to replace teaching of Bible)

(他們將人的吩咐當作道理教導人,所以拜我也是枉然。~太 15:9) 
(They worship me in vain; their teachings are merely human rules.’ ~ Mat 15:9)

據香港教會更新運動總幹事胡志偉牧師稱,異端教會通常是滿口術語,而一般教會是不會自創那麼多術語,或是引用聖經來銜生出一些凌駕於聖經的規條。這些術語的用途,主要是用作洗腦、定人罪、令人有罪惡感、精神虐待和操控人的。這些術語成為教會的核心教導或口號,例如:絕對順從、以家庭為中心、屬人思想…,因此我們可稱這些核心教導或口號為 UBF 隱藏教條(hidden dogma)。



UBF Doctrine – Undocumented

Posted by briank

Why does UBF continue to be controversial and show up on cult-watching lists?

The primary reason (in my opinion) for controversial and often bi-polar opinions about UBF is the undocumented UBF belief system. The public statement of faith for UBF is in line with Christianity. There is much organized effort to promote UBF as a Christian church. Yet, actions speak volumes about what UBF leaders really believe.
Today I am posting a list of undocumented doctrines UBF teaches by the actions of its leaders. If one was to read through the hundreds of UBF messages posted publicly, you might be able to discern these teachings. Having lived and breathed UBF for 24 years, I will save you the trouble. It is extremely rare to find any of these documented. Raising questions about these teachings is very problematic for a UBF member. Or, God forbid, if someone suggests a different way to go about putting these teachings into practice, it is tantamount to “spiritual suicide”, if you are a member of UBF. Fortunately, I no longer carry that burden.
Here is my list so that I don’t forget. I am also posting this list as a personal act of repentance. I not only believed these teachings, I promoted them absolutely for many years as a leader in UBF.
I will add to this as I recall various things. And I will use this to expound on each teaching. By posting this list, I am not implying that these teachings are good or bad (not yet). I am also not explaining how these differ from Scripture’s teachings (not today anyway).
1. Class system: sheep, shepherds, native leaders, Korean leaders
2. Directorship hierarchy: the idea of a tree structure of benevolent dictators.
3. Marriage by faith: Willingness to let a leader choose your future spouse.
4. Pioneering: Sending out one or more families to campuses around the world to setup a chapter of the organization, often without any valid support.
5. Covering: Willingness to cover all sins and not expose things that bother your conscience.
6. Loyalty to leaders: Willingness to obey and follow leaders above all other authority.
7. Separation: Willingness to be separated from friends, family and the world in order to join God’s true children.
8. Appeasement: Letting someone who speaks up have a task to do to keep them busy.
9. Propoganda: Speaking only positive things about leaders and the organization.
10. Duplicity: Willingness to ignore facts and adhere to double-standards, double-meanings and secret language.
11. Vertical communication: the idea that group discussion and communication methods (such as email) are bad.

source: (http://www.priestlynation.com/archives/419#comment-614)


2 Responses to “UBF Doctrine – Undocumented”

On a note related to my “massive project”, a friend of mine pointed me to a treatise written by Jonathan Edwards from the 1700′s. His quote below inspires me to write my own treatise.
“It is a hard thing to be a hearty zealous friend of what has been good and glorious, in the late extraordinary appearances, and to rejoice much in it; and at the same time to see the evil and pernicious tendency of what has been bad, and earnestly to oppose that. But yet, I am humbly but fully persuaded, we shall never be in the way of truth, nor go on in a way acceptable to God, and tending to the advancement of Christ’s kingdom till we do so.”

Adding three more:
12. Conscience binding: All Scripture must be bound to a UBF ideal or activity.
13. Empire building: Every nation should become a “priestly nation”, which means people should become UBF-style people.
14. Numerical-driven performance: Members are judged and rewarded (or made to feel guilty) based on numbers: number of prayer sessions, number of times going “fishing”, number of sheep, number of just about everything. Activities are geared toward molding ambitious people with a soldier, fighting spirit to conquer.

source: (http://www.priestlynation.com/archives/419#comment-614)